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Beautifully Organic Lavender Skincare

Farmers' create lavender hand cream inspired by the labours of Welsh hill farmers’.

While Provence may conjure up images of endless lavender fields, Farmers’ brings these romantic images to life with hidden gems in the heart of Wales. Farmers’ came into being when Oxford philosopher Bill Newton-Smith and then war journalist Nancy Durham discovered they could obtain a grant from the Wales Government. This grant, was for Welsh farms to diversify. Claiming £1000 they planted their first field of lavender - in fact, it was the first in Wales.


Nancy has been growing lavender in Powys since 2003, and was experimenting with creating lavender hand cream and body creams from the oils. On giving a speech on lavender farming in 2012 at a Grassland Association Talk the local farmers in the area were drawn to Nancy and Bill and their ideals. That the toil their work took on their hands. And the strong smells associated with farming needed a brand that was not only natural, but high quality and robust.


And thus, Farmers’ lavender hand cream was born. Now each product in the range is filled with oil distilled from the lavender farm owned by Bill and Nancy. Bottled and labelled on the farm itself. And we think if their lavender hand cream is loved by hardened Welsh farmers, you’ll love it too.


After Nancy came up with the name Farmers’ in 2012, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Creating organic lavender skincare that is nourishing enough to ease the hands of Welsh farmers. But gentle enough that the natural scent of lavender can be enjoyed by anyone.


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Natural Hand Cream From Farm To Hand, Literally

Each bottle of Farmers’ lavender hand cream is Welsh. The lavender grown on Bill and Nancy’s farm. The careful designs of Helen Lowe based in North Wales. And the bottling process that takes place on the same farm where the lavender is grown.

Everything about Farmers’ is based on the idea that hard working hands need love too. And that organic is best. Bill and Nancy proudly call themselves Farmers'. And their products celebrate the hard work that goes into working from the land. But whether you love getting your hands dirty or not. A high quality hand cream just makes life that little bit softer.

Farmers’ organic skincare also provides the perfect way to unwind after a hard day's work. Just take a moment, enjoy the scent of their natural lavender hand cream, and be transported to the calm lavender fields of Wales. Trust us, you’ll love it.