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British made gifts for men that are always trouble to buy for.

The older a man gets, the harder it becomes to find a gift for them. That is why Sir Gordon Bennett has specially curated a selection of gifts for men who have everything. You can't get him another pair of slippers and he wouldn't be surprised if you gave him a bottle of his favourite drink. These men may not be picky but you want to get him a gift that he would love to receive. A gift that will brighten his day. A beautiful gift that will put a smile on his face. A special gift that he didn't know he needed but will undoubtedly appreciate and that will last. If you are looking for gifts for men who have everything? Then you have come to the right place to find a gift that is as unique as he is.

Gifts for men who have EVERYTHING

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  • neck and neck Otway and Orford horseracing silk pocket square
    Otway & Orford

    Neck And Neck Silk Pocket Square

  • Portamus scout taupe zip backpack front

    Shortwood Backpack Scout Taupe

  • ambar london saffron parquet throw, luxury wool throw, British made luxury blanket
    Ambar Living

    Parquet Throw Saffron

  • Dents Black muncaster men's tweed gloves, made in UK from abraham moon tweed men's luxury tweed gloves
    Dents Gloves

    Black and Charcoal Tweed Gloves

  • Dents gloves Hampton peccary leather men's luxury gloves, finest brown leather gloves made in britain leather gloves for men
    Dents Gloves

    Hampton Bark Peccary Leather Gloves

  • stamford notebooks vibrant buckram black notebook, black journal
    Stamford Notebook Co

    Vibrant Buckram Black Notebook

  • richmond kettles no.8 beehive whistling copper kettle, traditional beehive copper kettle, art deco copper kettle, best copper kettle, stove top classic kettle
    Richmond Kettles

    No8 Whistling Copper Kettle

  • corgi hosiery mulit coloured pack of wool socks, finest british made sock collection pack of mens socks

    Lightweight Wool Sock Collection

  • Wentworth Pewter Bournville brown leather and pewter hip flask, classic hip flask with leather surround, walking flask silver and leather 6oz hip flask
    Wentworth Pewter

    Pewter and Bourneville Leather Hip Flask

  • Stolen form white london brick vase, london brick vase in white
    Stolen Form

    White London Brick Vase

  • kent brushes ebony military hair brush, men's classic hair brush in ebony black
    Kent Brushes

    Ebony Military Hair Brush

  • kent brushes ebony club hair brush, men's hair brush in ebony, men's styling hair brush
    Kent Brushes

    Ebony Club Hair Brush

  • mk8 raf replica goggles, halcyon goggles RAF flying vintage goggles
    Halcyon Goggles

    MK8 RAF Replica Goggles

  • mk49 classic goggles halcyon goggles, classic driving goggles, classic car driving goggles, goggles
    Halcyon Goggles

    MK49 Classic Goggles

  • haeckels body cleanser, seaweed body cleanser, skin cleanser made of seaweed, made in Kent
    Haeckels of Margate

    Bladderwrack And Buckthorn Body Cleanser

  • Fox Umbrellas GS6 malacca crook handle gentleman's handmade black city umbrella, choice malacca handled black umbrella gents umbrella
    Fox Umbrellas

    Stout Malacca Umbrella

  • dick winters clever dick men's luxury designer underwear, boxer trunks made in scotland british made men's underwear small black
    Dick Winters

    Clever Dick Trunks

  • Kingsman gloves main shot
    Chester Jefferies

    The Kingsman Gloves | Sunshine and Cape Red Leather

  • bedfordshire beard co sawmill beard care set, woody scented beard care set in wood presentaion box, made in britain beard care set
    Bedfordshire Beard Co

    Sawmill Beard Set

  • ACME whistles Nickel plated harking horn, silver harking horn
    Acme Whistles

    Nickel Plated Harking Horn

  • Acme whistles sterling silver men's cufflinks, silver cufflinks assay stamped silver men's cufflinks
    Acme Whistles

    Sterling Silver Whistle Cufflinks

  • Batsford Books

    Brutalist Britain – Elain Harwood

  • coast eau de parfum nich perfume made in wales
    Wales Perfumery

    Coast – Arfordir Eau de parfum

  • Otway & Orford

    Golf Swing Pocket Square

  • Risdon & Risdon

    Montford Leather Apron – Towel Loop & Pocket

  • RRB Photobooks

    The End of Industry – John Myers

  • British made perfume, artisan niche perfume 4160 Tuesdays trio small tester bottle of perfume on presentation box
    4160 Tuesdays

    Trio of 15 ml fragrances – Eccentric British Traditions

  • Welcombe Hills Vineyard

    English Rosé & White Sparkling Wine 12 Bottle Case

  • Risdon & Risdon

    Trade Brown Apron

  • Ajoto black steel ebony luxury pen made in UK

    Brushed Ebony Pen

  • black wood coaster on white background
    Concrete & Wax

    Arboreal Coasters

  • heather borg handmade leather laptop cover leather laptop case made in UK
    Heather Borg

    Kodiak Leather Laptop Case

  • Yarmouth oilskins Khaki engineer jacket, workshop jacket made in england
    Yarmouth Oilskins

    Khaki Engineer Jacket

  • Fieldware Co

    Midnight Blue Waxed Cotton Knife Roll

  • stainless steel necklace with ball bearings on pendent
    Bailey of Sheffield

    Chaser Stainless Steel Necklace

  • GB pendent necklace
    Bailey of Sheffield

    GB Mini Mixer Stainless Steel Necklace

  • sky blue men's braces in presentation box
    Thomas Fortin

    Sky Blue Braces with Ivory Leather

  • British made footwear from Goral made in Sheffield classic low top rosewood and dark tan trainers
    Goral Footwear

    The Mellor II Rosewood Sneakers

  • Ratsey and lapthorn large sand duffel bag made in UK canvas bag
    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    Large Sand Duffel Bag

  • large sail cloth duffel bag
    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    Large Sand & Sail Cloth Duffel Bag

  • black roll neck wool jumper made in scotland lambswool

    Black Newman Lambswool Roll Neck Jumper

  • Roebuck Estates

    Estate Collection


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