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10% of Profits on British Black Goods Goes to Charity.

At Sir Gordon Bennett we do things a little different on Black Friday. After reading many Which? reports it has become apparently clear that Black Friday deals are rarely deals. Black Friday has become a way of offloading goods that can not be sold to unsuspecting customers. And at Sir Gordon Bennett we do not believe in devaluing the craftsmanship that goes into the goods we purvey. The craftsmen and women of Britain make items that are priced to respect the time, talent and experience that has gone into crafting them. Not overpriced but certainly not underpriced either.


So at Sir Gordon Bennett we have changed Black Friday to Give Back Friday. Which means every time you purchase a black British made item we give 10% of profits to good causes. Do some good this Black Friday.


  • Seldom Found black leather dog collar
    Seldom Found

    Raven Black Leather Dog Collar

  • Seldom Found

    Raven Black Leather Sighthound Collar

  • Seldom Found

    Raven Black Leather Sashiko Leather Dog Collar

  • Burleigh Pottery

    Black Regal Peacock 3 Tier Cake Stand

  • peregrine bexely black jacket 1000x1000
    Peregrine Clothing

    Black Bexley Jacket

  • british museum black large wall clock
    Synchronome Clocks

    Classic Black Factory Clock Arabic Numerals

  • british factory clock
    Synchronome Clocks

    Classic Black Factory Clock Roman Numerals

  • Synchonome Black Museum clock roman numerals, metal wall clock, black museum metal clock, metal kitchen clock
    Synchronome Clocks

    British Museum Clock Roman Numerals

  • Synchonome Black Museum clock arabic numerals, black factory clock, black wall clock, large kitchen wall clock
    Synchronome Clocks

    British Museum Clock Arabic Numerals

  • William Whiteley & Sons

    Wilkinson Garden Pruners

  • Black merino wool bronte by moon black woolen scarf abraham moon scarf black
    Bronte by Moon

    Black Scarf

  • Awling pitch black pewter, handmade black men's leather belt with silver buckle made in UK best belt

    Original Belt – Pitch Black Leather

  • Black serving tray s18 kaymet tray aluminium serving tray, large cocktail serving tray in black with gold trim 1970s serving tray

    Black S18 Tray

  • Hampton luxury leather black gloves dents luxury men's leather gloves black leather gloves finest men's gloves
    Dents Gloves

    Hampton Black Peccary Leather Gloves

  • stamford notebooks vibrant buckram black notebook, black journal
    Stamford Notebook Co

    Vibrant Buckram Black Notebook

  • Thomas ferguson black striped tea towel, classic 100% irish linen tea towels made in britain tea towel
    Thomas Ferguson

    Black Striped Tea Towel

  • black wool socks lightweight

    Black Wool Socks | Lightweight

  • Wentworth pewter black leather pewter hipflask, sheffield leather bound pewter hip flask made in sheffield
    Wentworth Pewter

    Pewter and Black Leather Hip Flask

  • clarke original tinwhistle, tin whistle, black tin whistle, penny whistle, metal tin whistle
    Clarke Tinwhistles

    The Original Tin Whistle

  • Chester jefferies park lane black leather gloves, handmade leather ladies gloves for women
    Chester Jefferies

    The Park Lane Black Ladies Gloves

  • chester jeffries the city gent black leather gloves 1
    Chester Jefferies

    The City Gent Gloves | Black Leather

  • Arc Form

    ARC Pendant in Black and Brushed Brass

  • Arc Form

    ARC Pendant in Black and Brushed Copper

  • cherchbi barrett flap wool briefcase made in uk

    Barrett Flap Briefcase – Black

  • cherchbi barret sleeve woollen bag handmade in Uk with leather starps

    Barrett Sleeve – Black

  • cherchbi small wool pouch black wool made in UK bag

    Docket Small Pouch – Black

  • cherchbi black wool briefcase hand made bag in UK

    Isambard Briefcase – Black

  • cherchbi library black tote bag handmade british woollen bag

    Library Tote – Black

  • Awling

    Pitch Black Nickel Modernist Belt

  • Awling

    Pitch Black Pewter Braided Belt

  • Awling

    Pitch Black Pewter Pavilion Belt

  • black rucksack

    Rockness Absolute Black

  • black small rucksack

    Shortwood Absolute Black

  • cherchbi large black woollen holdall hand made in uk with leather straps

    Squires Holdall Large – Black

  • cherchbi squires black medium holdall made in uk with leather straps black weekender bag

    Squires Holdall Medium – Black

  • Ajoto black steel ebony luxury pen made in UK

    Brushed Ebony Pen

  • ajoto black leather pen pouch, black pen holder

    Black Leather Pen Pouch

  • concrete and wax Set of four black concrete coasters, black drinks coasters, coasters made in suffolk
    Concrete & Wax

    Black Concrete Coasters

  • black wood coaster on white background
    Concrete & Wax

    Arboreal Coasters

  • Concrete & Wax

    Black Placemats

  • concrete and wax Black large candle and holder set, black large concrete candle holder made in suffolk candle holder
    Concrete & Wax

    Black Large Holder And Candle Set

  • Concrete & Wax

    Diffuser and Candle Gift Box

  • Yarmouth Oilskins

    Black Cotton Work Trousers

  • black wool beanie Izzy lane made in Uk woollen hat
    Izzy Lane

    Black Beanie

  • Bailey of sheffield stanless steel men's bracelet midnight bracelet, steel desinger bracelet handmade
    Bailey of Sheffield

    Midnight Cable Stainless Steel Bracelet

  • Thomas Fortin

    Black Moire Braces with Red Leather

  • Thomas Fortin

    Palm and Bees Black Silk Fringe Scarf

  • British made footwear from Goral made in sheffield black trainers on white background
    Goral Footwear

    The Mellor II Black Sneakers

  • Ratsey and lapthorn black beach bag made in Uk canvas tote bag
    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    Black Beach Bag

  • black british made canvas measurers bag
    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    Black Measurers Bag

  • large balck dufel bag ratsey and lapthoprn canvas sialing bag in black made in Uk
    Ratsey & Lapthorn

    Large Black Duffel Bag

  • black roll neck wool jumper made in scotland lambswool

    Black Newman Lambswool Roll Neck Jumper

  • boys black reefer jacket made in UK on white background
    Britannical London

    Black Lambeth Boys Reefer Coat