Goral Footwear made in sheffiled made in Uk trainers with white Goral logo

Handcrafted Resoleable Trainers

The heritage of GORAL ensures that each pair of trainers uses premium materials. Their traditional method of crafting footwear is the same as it was over 80 years ago. Meticulous attention to detail and built to last with a lifetime guarantee on faulty workmanship or failure of materials. Not only that they utilise the Blake Stitch technique which means you can resole them. Trainers you can resole like a fine pair of handcrafted shoes, so no throwing them away when the sole wears down. And the last pair of hands which touches the footwear before the customer, is the craftsmen who made the footwear double checking his craftsmanship.


The footwear market is flooded with poorly made, mass produced throwaway shoes. This doesn't sit right with Goral. So they are doing what they can, leveraging their use of in-house production, to change this and offer high quality footwear that is kind to both your feet and the planet.


Beautifully made in Sheffield