Great British Workshop tours PART 1

Days Out Across Britain

Sir Gordon thought that it would be a mighty fine idea to discover some workshop tours. Where these machines and craftsmen and women spend their time creating objects with art and graft. British days out to discover the skills and people that make the objects we want in our lives. Because we should be supporting those that believe in making things that last. Objects that don't waste the resources of the planet and while they are at it. look beautiful too. Remember, that every time you spend a pound, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Click the images to be taken to their websites and discover Great British Workshop Days Out.


If you or a family member is into cars or in fact carpentry? The a day out and a tour of Morgan Cars in the Malvern Hills wouldn't go amiss. On the tour you will witness the the craft in making a sports car with a wooden chassis. Morgan Cars have always done things a bit different. Discover the craft skills that are required to build a Morgan car that are unlike any other car in the world and requires different skills. During the guided tour of Morgan Cars you will first get an expert relaying the rich heritage and story of Morgan. That is followed by a tour showing you the wide range of craftsmanship skills that go into building such a unique car. Tours are limited to 10 people a time so make sure you book in advance. And after the Morgan Cars Tour you can go out and enjoy the beautiful Malvern Hills. What more could you ask for.


Coopering, an art as old as the whisky the barrels hold. Speyside Cooperage is worth a visit to see an ancient craft in full flow whether you are a whiskey drinker or not. The tour can start with a 4D sensory cinematic video presentation. You can watch the skilled coopers crafting beautiful barrels and even have a go yourself with mini barrels. These skills have been handed down from craftsperson to craftsperson. You may even end the tour of Speyside with a nip of some Speyside whiskey and some Scottish shortbread. Tours of Speyside Cooperage are for over 18s only. Alway call before to book a guided tour.


Take in the magic that is glass making with a tour of Dartington Glass in North Devon. The last large scale glass factory in the UK. The wonderful thing about the Dartington Glass factory tour is that you actually move through the workshop at your own pace. This is because there are walkways above the glass making and glass blowing. This means you can watch the full process, with information boards explaining each part of the glass making and blowing process. Dartington Glass also has a visitor centre and a shop so you can purchase some gifts to remind you of a wonderful and informative day out. The factory tours are very popular so please ring ahead to book an appointment on the Dartington Tour.


Explore the history of traditional weaving in Wales at Melin Tregwynt in Haverfordwest. If you are into weaving, knitting or indeed old machinery then a visit to Melin Tregwynt should be on you list for workshop tours. The mill has been in the same family for over 100 years. The building is wonderful with a traditional wheel, which unfortunately doesn't power the mill any more. It makes a lovely day out and they have a splendid tea room too.


One of the most famous and oldest pottery businesses is in the home of British pottery, Stoke and Trent, that is Burleigh. When you visit their home the Middleport Pottery Heritage site you will be transported back to a golden age of British craftsmanship. Burleigh Pottery still make some of the finest pottery you can buy. Using traditional techniques to create their pottery. Which you can buy from the Burleigh store on site. The grade II listed building are magnificent and host many other smaller pottery studios keeping alive the traditional skills that Stoke on Trent is world famous for. It is best to call in advance for a Burleigh Pottery factory tour.