Classic & Modern British Home

Home is where the heart is. Everyone knows it. So why settle for furnishing your pride and joy with anything that’s less than exquisite?


With the finest selection of contemporary home decor, homewares and home goods, created by Britain’s most talented craftsmen and craftswomen, you’re sure to find something that brings the pop of colour. Adds that last finishing touch. Or creates the burst of personality that you want. You deserve to show off your home. So do it in style.


Our handcrafted homewares are from around Britain, sourced by us, just for you. We take pleasure in the fact that some of the brands we choose to celebrate aren’t necessarily big ‘home’ names - yet - because it means that they haven’t lost any of the attention to detail. Or stopped the meticulous processes that make their wares so special for that matter.


Each item is a pioneering example of British home design, whether that’s something as small as the perfect dish for your keys, a gorgeously colourful serving tray for your tea or the best smelling candle you’ve experienced in years. There’s something enchanting about the little details, and our range of British home decor shows off the truly unique creativity of home-grown manufacturers.