Sir Gordon Bennett is the purveyor of British made good and gifts. Proud to showcase quality British products from artisans, crafters and manufacturers from the four corners of this green and pleasant land. We are a newly curated online store that believes in four cascading pillars.  We celebrate British brands that create products that look beautiful, because we believe that life is too short for ugly.  Those handcrafted goods should also be made well, so that they last longer, thus have less of an impact on the planet's resources.  Each of the British goods and gifts that we offer must do the job intended because no one deserves a product that doesn’t.  And they must be made in Britain, as we believe in championing the innate skills of British craftsmen and women. Our journey has just began, join us and explore British craftsmanship together.

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Our mission is to procure unique British gifts which demonstrate the skill of British craftsmanship and British manufacturing. Whilst browsing we might introduce you to brands you have never heard of or maybe you’ll stumble upon an old favourite and say “Gordon Bennett, I didn’t realise that Britain still made that”. Should that happen, our mission is fulfilled.

We’re all about delivering high-quality British made gifts that boast excellence in every aspect - with a love of good old-fashioned attention to detail. We’re firm believers in British quality, in celebrating the skill and dedication that our artisans, manufacturers and designers display in the products they create. Our curated collection of British gifts made in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, bring together handcrafted gifts that we believe show off the very best of British.

British BRANDS

Handcrafted waxed cotton utility clothing and aprons


Handcrafted aluminium serving trays by Royal Appointment


The World's Most Exclusive Handmade Kettles.
Traditionally hand poured candles sealed with a Royal Warrant


Classic British Clock maker resurrected
Finest hand made scissors from the western world's oldest scissorworks


Handmade Luxury Backpacks
Unique Silk Pocket Squares from the Home of British Silk, Macclesfield.



Designed for the British Weather.


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The British brands that we choose to celebrate and champion create handcrafted gifts you will actually want in your life and not end up as landfill or in the back of the cupboard. Whether a brand is 200 hundred years old with a Royal Warrant or 2 years old with a right royal future, we’ve chosen them specially, as the cream of the crop when it comes to British made gifts. From the finest accessories, bags and clothing, to home decor, gardening products, leather goods and artisan skincare. These British brands celebrate the unique, specialised nature of bespoke handcrafted gifts for him, gifts for her or gifts for any occasion for that matter. 

And, well, it wouldn’t really be British without a few items that you might not expect. So, have a look, peruse at your leisure through our selection of British gifts and discover that when it comes to our products, ‘made in Britain’ is synonymous with quality, style and maybe a touch of eccentricity. Even if you don’t know what you are looking for, we’re sure you will find something that speaks to both your head and your heart. Unique brands with unique stories and histories that are all made with love and make splendid British made gifts.

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We choose to celebrate British brands and products because we are firm believers in supporting the innate craftsmanship across Britain. However, we don’t operate on a narrow idea that only British quality will do. Nor that Britain is the only country that makes beautiful products. We simply believe wholeheartedly that supporting British craftsmanship by investing in British made gifts and goods is important - for both the economy and the environment.

The brands that we have chosen to celebrate showcase the true exquisite quality that can be attained when there is meticulous attention to detail, and luxury in every decision made when creating their handcrafted gifts. We believe that too much of the quality from bygone ages is lost in our culture of immediacy, so we choose to stoke the flame of tradition and excellence by bringing to life a place where craftsmanship and skill can be appreciated by all; where British gifts are celebrated as true examples of excellence. We call it 'Modern Heritage'.

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Our Definition of British Made
Our definition of what constitutes Handcrafted.


We know that sometimes things can get tricky when it comes to what connotes “British Made” or “British Gifts”. Although we are strict on what constitutes made in Britain for us to purvey a product, there is no real law or rule. So, we coined our own Made In Britain definition.

In short, when we say British gifts we also include England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey when we say the United Kingdom. As long as the items undergo significant treatment or manufacturing process in the United Kingdom, or the majority of core materials originate from the United Kingdom, we class these as satisfactorily ‘Made in Britain’ - even for our demanding tastes.


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