Leverint lighting close up with white logo made in Britain lighting

Hand Blown Architectural Lighting

With a proud heritage of more than 100 years in the glass blowing industry, Leverint Lighting's parent company G Farley & Sons Ltd was launched just after the first world war making radio valves and specialist laboratory equipment. Precision, innovation and performance have always been at the heart of the firm’s identity, and its developmental work on x-ray tubes has even been celebrated at an exhibition at the Science Museum at South Kensington.


The flame was passed to the Leveridge family in 1981, with the company continually supplying scientific glassware throughout the world to renowned petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers. Current founders John, Lee and their father David Leveridge have enjoyed 40 years at the helm, building key relationships in the industry and a proven track record for artistry, quality, and bespoke creativity. Yet innovation never stands still. Formed in the creative ferment of vitality and ideas; the reimagining of classic styles; and a hunger for design perfection, it has driven the company to a new ambition – to create sophisticated, luxury lighting pieces.


Leverint Lighting is a result of this creative fusion - blending the technical skill of more than a century’s glass-blowing experience with the passion for creativity of founders John and Lee Leveridge and experienced lighting designer Andrew Print. Leverint are passionate about luxury and sophistication; about products as individual as you through innovative design and classic hand-blown glass craftsmanship. All crafted to perfection in their North London studio.