Luxury Homeware

Need a splash of colour? A smidge of personality in your home spaces? We’ve all been there. It’s easy to fall into the trap of decorating your home with easy-to-find furnishings that really, when you think about it, don’t really say much about you at all. And we think it’s important to show off who you are in your home.


So our luxury homeware is designed to capture that special something you can’t quite find in the run of the mill decor. Forget bland and forget standard - the products you’ll find here all have a story behind them, something that makes them a little more special.


Each item in our luxury homeware range has been handcrafted by artisan manufacturers at the top of their game. With the care and attention to detail you would expect from some of Britain’s best craftsmen and craftswomen.


From luxury organic candles to unique vases and dishes for your keys and the perfect additions to your tableware, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you from our selection of gorgeously designed British homeware.

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Unique British Homeware

Here at Sir Gordon Bennett, we’re firm believers in the William Morris philosophy that life is too short to fill your home with things that aren’t beautiful. Whether that’s beauty in the sheer useability of each item, in its design, the place it’s from or the hands that crafted it.

We’re of the opinion that beauty is more than just expensive price tags and recognisable names - we think it’s the stories of the people that make the items in your home. We think it’s their love, and their care that makes something truly beautiful, because you can see it in the quality of the product.

That’s why our luxury homeware is just that, pure luxury. Not because there is a sense of elitism attached to the products that we love and choose to celebrate, but because we think luxury stems from care, pride and attention to detail.

Whether that’s the fact that all the brands we’ve selected hand pour their candles; or the slate in the gorgeous placemats is expertly quarried from Cumbria; or perhaps it’s in the way that our tea trays are handcrafted in South London. Luxury is in the details and each item here in our luxury homeware selection is packed full of these tiny details that make them so unique. The only difficult part is choosing what you want to show off first.

Our British homeware is also truly British in the sense that each product is lovingly made by home-grown British crafters, using as many uniquely British materials as possible in the process. Because when we’ve got such a wealth of talent and natural resources available, why look anywhere else?

So when you show adoring guests your newly acquired furnishings, you can be confident when you say “yes, this was made in Britain”.