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Handcrafted luxury overalls made in Manchester

There is no garment quite as utilitarian as a pair of overalls. But when you design them better, utilise better fabrics and handcraft every pair, you end up with My Overalls. Luxury overalls that are as comfortable in the studio as they are for everyday use. They are a timeless classic that are beautifully made in England.


Tailored to be more comfortable with fabrics that offer durability. Designed in Suffolk and manufactured in one of Britain's finest garment workshops in Manchester that have been producing fine garments for over 100 years. My Overalls are a new British luxury brand that believe in creating overalls that are stylish and versatile. They are designed with a unique front pouch pocket which allows you to carry personal belongings without the need of a bag. Which is also helpful if you wear My Overalls in a work place, such as a florist or whilst crafting. The pouch allows you to carry brushes, scissors, twine or even your mobile phone.


The idea for My Overalls came about when Vivienne Hegarty, became the project manager during the renovation of her Victorian property. Her everyday wardrobe became a pair of white bib and brace overalls which she loved wearing because of their versatility and comfort.


After accidentally dyeing her overalls pink in the wash, the idea of My Overalls was born. Handcrafted to be more comfortable and versatile from the finest 100% cotton twill.