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Evocative Music Art Prints

Music art prints made of memories of a misspent youth.

45Renegade came about after Steve Coulter, a West-Sussex based lifetime art and popular music enthusiast, displayed a range of vinyl records around his home and noticed the photogenic nature of ageing 7” vinyls in their sleeves, occasionally rough around the edges. He wondered what music art prints that took this aesthetic would look like, but more imposing, with a fiercer twist.


Within the series of music art prints that 45Renegade produce, the two worlds of art and music collide through digitally enhanced images, upscaled to the limit of fine art Giclée printers. Each is about telling the story of the vinyl record itself, in colourful prints that are all about the possessive scribbles, patina, tears and creases that form a life of their own. Combined with the punchy colours and signature designs employed by commercials artists of the Sixties and Seventies.


Every music art print from 45Renegade emulates the mass produced paper sleeve of disposable artwork in zeitgeist colours. These prints make perfect additions to every home, for a perfect touch of retro decor, a pop of bright colour, or for fans of everything vinyl.



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