British Made Sunglasses

Britain used to be the home of around 5000 spectacle manufacturers. Unfortunately those days are long gone, with the increase of cheap plastic and cheap labour from mainly Asian countries. But what Britain now lacks in volume we certainly make up for in quality. British made sunglasses are not only made well but are as stylish a designer sunglasses get. All handcrafted to fit your face better using premium acetate. Which means they will last longer and are less likely to break or misshape over time. Which as we all know is one of the main problems with cheap sunglasses.

You can buy those cheaper sunglasses and some are in fact stylish. But your eyes are precious things. And should be treated with sunglasses and lens that not only look the part but protect your eyes. The sunglasses we purvey are all made to exacting high standards and manufactured in small batches. They feature premium UV lens too to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare. When the sun does come out in Britain you should shine too. And you certainly will with a pair that you know have been made well but also look the part too. Classic shapes with a modern twist that are more distinguished than a pair mass produced. Whose price is the same or often even more. So treat yourself and your eyes to a pair of sunglasses made in Britain that not only look beautiful but perform admirably against the sun.

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British Made Sunglasses

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