Handmade Awling leather belts man with black leather belt

Modern leather belts traditionally hand crafted in Britain.

The Awling design approach blends traditional English leather goods materials and techniques with simple functionality and a modern aesthetic. The head designer has 25 years’ creative experience in the leather goods industry, this is apparent in Awling's understated yet confident design style. During the creative process details are pared back and distilled to their essence. This simplification creates a strong aesthetic and also highlights the quality of our materials.

Their work practices and materials are essentially the same as those employed by leather craftspeople for centuries. Vegetable tanned saddle leather is paired with solid brass or pewter buckles and cut, stitched and finished by hand. These materials are inherently beautiful, in appearance and to touch, and only improve with age and use.

Awling manage to balance their reverence for tradition with modern design cues. Powder coated colour, clean edge finishing, considered proportion and minimal detailing subtly harmonise with traditional elements. Awling belts represent a uniquely contemporary take on Britain’s leather making heritage.