The story starts with Mr. Thomas Hancock, the trailblazer of the rubber industry in Britain. In 1815, Hancock ventured into the stagecoach business, prompting the necessity for an efficient waterproofing solution for his coaches, drivers, and passengers. The solution came in the form of rubber, specifically his invention—the rubber masticator. This machine, equipped with rotating teeth, shredded rubber scraps. Unbeknownst to Hancock, these shredded bits amalgamated into a solid rubber mass, which he then moulded into sheets. Hancock’s masticator marked the inception of the rubber industry.

Charles Macintosh, intrigued by Hancock’s success and rubber masticator, patented a method in 1823 for waterproofing fabrics with naphtha-treated rubber. In 1825, Hancock sought a license to use Macintosh’s naphtha process, and the two men subsequently joined forces in the production of waterproof items.

Not content with these achievements, Hancock patented elastication for clothing in 1825, incorporating features like elasticated cuffs and waists for warmth, along with pockets designed to deter pickpockets. Siphonia Elastica, a rubber tree known for yielding superior natural rubber, was utilized. A hand-drawn picture of this tree by Hancock now serves as the signature print of Hancock Vulcanised Articles.

Today, Hancock of Scotland specialises in meticulously crafted raincoats at its Scottish factory. The brand’s illustrious heritage is upheld by two generations of expert coat-makers who employ traditional manufacturing processes. These artisans work with a diverse range of vulcanised rubberized cloths, including wool flannels, cashmeres, silks, and cottons.

The contemporary Hancock silhouette exhibits clean, minimal lines with luxury detailing and finishes, featuring the distinctive botanical printed cotton.  Currently, only 100 coats are produced at the factory each month, ensuring a blend of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

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