Gardening Twine

The gardener’s best friend is twine. It can be used in a myriad of ways across the garden. Tying up plants, trellises, lining up plants or securing a crooked garden gate. British gardening twine has been made in the UK for decade and in particular Dundee as part of the 3 Js: Jam, Journalism and Jute. Every shed and kitchen should have some garden twine at hand.

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British Made Gardening Twine

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  • Nutscene

    Heritage Green Twine

  • nutscene natural twist jute twine garden twine and crafting twine natural made in scotland

    Heritage Natural Twine

  • nutscene heritage jute twine collection set of three small jute twine spools made in scotland sustainable jute twine, garden string, crafting string, florist string coloured garden string collection

    Heritage Twine Collection

  • Nutscene iconic tin twine collection, jute twine in a tin, spools of nutscene coloured twine

    Iconic Tin Collection