British-Made Soaps

There are hundreds of soap brands that have popped up over recent years. But here at Sir Gordon Bennett we prefer traditional soaps. Soap that has been tried and tested on skin for generations. Soap we know works, all made in Britain to traditional recipes to clean your and nourish your skin.

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British Made Soaps

Take a look at our British-Made Soaps from Sir Gordon Bennett. We are the purveyor of British made goods and gifts with free delivery on orders over £20

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  • Farmers all over body wash brown bottle on white background

    Farmers’ All Over Wash

  • haeckels of margate exfoliating seaweed block, exfoliant soap, seaweed soap, seaweed exfoliating soap bar haeckels
    Haeckels of Margate

    Exfoliating Seaweed Block

  • droyt's soap collection, handmade traditional soap selection, glycerine soap collection, soap set
    Droyt’s Soap

    Droyt’s Soap Collection

  • droyt's classic glycerine shaving soap, shving soap traditional shaving soap
    Droyt’s Soap

    Pack of 5x Classic Glycerine Shaving Soap

  • droyt's classic rose soap classic glycerose soap and box
    Droyt’s Soap

    Classic Glycerose Soap

  • droyt's original eau de cologne glycerine soap, droyts cologne soap
    Droyt’s Soap

    Original Eau De Cologne Glycerine Soap

  • droyt s original unperfumed glycerine soap and box, droyt classic glycerine soap unperfumed
    Droyt’s Soap

    Original Unperfumed Glycerine Soap

  • droyt's vegetas glycerine soap bar, droyt's vegan soap made with glycerine
    Droyt’s Soap

    Pack of 5x Vegetas Glycerine Soap