Thomas Fortin men's accessories sky blue braces with logo

British Made Dapper Men's Accessories

Thomas Fortin reflects longingly on the time in the early 20th Century when every occasion was an occasion worth dressing for. They champion the dapper days of yesteryear and hope to gently nudge men away from the lazy, dress-down athleisure culture.  They use some of the finest manufacturers from across Britain with hundreds of years of experience between them, including Albert Thurston the oldest brace makers in the world.


Dress to impress - impress the world, impress yourself, just make a memorable impression. We all deserve that fulfilling pleasure of wowing the crowds with impeccable premier night outfits, so turn more days into red-carpet days. To that end Thomas Fortin say - join the stand out crowd, indulge your inner dapper and live every day like you're the leading man in your own story.