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British made gloves using the finest materials

Chester Jefferies create British made gloves of the highest order. And outfits need a pair of gloves to set them off and add elegance. And in a by-gone era it was an essential part of both a ladies and a gentleman’s attire. No self-respecting man would be seen without his gloves when paying a call, driving or going to church. And a woman would always wear gloves that matched the occasion. Whether that was high tea, a night at the opera or a simply taking an afternoon stroll. Times may have changed but the sartorial elegance a well-cut glove can make to an outfit hasn’t.


Britain has a long tradition of glove making. Records dating back to the 14th Century can be found in North Dorset where Chester Jefferies now call home. The founders Chester Jefferies and Gilbert Pearce originally set up in Slough in 1936, then in 1963 the operation moved to Gillingham, Dorset. Amongst the lush, rolling English countryside.


When Chester Jefferies decided to leave the business, the Pearce family took the reigns. And is now run by the fourth generation of the Pearce family. Their commitment to making the best possible gloves has never waned. Each pair of British made gloves is meticulously crafted, from the original design to the sourcing of the finest leather, to the craftsmanship that goes into making them the best fitting glove you will ever wear. A single pair of gloves can go through 15 individual processes depending on the pattern quirks of the glove but there is hand work involved at every stage.


The Master Glove Maker carefully selects and examines every leather skin to ensure quality, unlike many modern glove manufacturers. The production process starts only when they are truly happy with the leather.  Using hand- cut techniques to create their masterpieces, the work begins in earnest. Their undying ethos creating the world’s finest gloves shines through. You can be rest assured that the British made gloves will reach you in tip top condition. As every single pair of gloves is checked before it leaves the factory. Their reputation relies on it and they know that. It is for this reason their gloves are so in demand. Chester Jeffries supplied the blue gloves for Heath Legder's genius portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight. Tom Hardy sported the 'Man About Town' style in Taboo and Chester Jeffries also supplied Kenneth Branagh's film Murder on the Orient Express, just to name a few.


If you demand quality and craftsmanship, Chester Jefferies matches you every step of the way. In fact, the old adage that something fits like a glove could have been coined for or by Chester Jefferies.


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