The Rose Ladies Leather Gloves

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The Rose ladies leather gloves are a unique glove from Chester Jefferies. These luxury dress gloves are an elegant longer glove that can be worn long or turned up to show the Divis suede cuff. They are actually the exact gloves that Kate Winslet wore in the Titanic movie. Chester Jefferies are proud to have been the makers of her Titanic Rose gloves. Made from grain capeskin, a very desirable leather known as a perfect glove leather due to it being supple. Which means it fits, like a glove as they say. The style harks back to a more refined time and Rose ladies leather gloves make the perfect luxury dress glove. Especially if you need a pair of dress gloves for a wedding or a special occasion like Ascot or even tea on the lawn of Buckingham Palace.


These traditionally handmade women's dress gloves are as stylish as they are comfortable. The capeskin that is hand cut is a delightful ivory and the suede cuff is in Divis (a rich purple-blue). Each glove also comes with a single petite button fastener. And is lined with silk for superior softness. Chester Jefferies certainly know how to make beautiful gloves. At a price that won't make your heart sink.


Chester Jefferies have been crafting gloves in Dorset since 1922


Made in Dorset.

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Made in Dorset


capeskin leather, suede, silk lining


18 cm/7.5 inches, 20 cm/8.5 inches, 16 cm/6.5 inches


To get the perfect fit. Lay your hand flat on the table and measure the circumference around your hand at the widest part, usually just under you knuckle.


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