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As a purveyor of artisan gifts from the UK, we pride ourselves on the fact that the brands we choose to celebrate are some of the finest currently working in their industry in the British Isles.


Each brand you’ll find here employs the highest quality craftsmanship and traditional skills that have in many cases remained similar to those used when these brands first started. Our mission is to curate their products with infinite love and detail.


If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, or special gifts for that equally special person in your life, then you’re in the right place. At Sir Gordon Bennett, we believe that things shouldn’t be done in halves. Which is why if you choose to source your gifts for friends from UK based, exquisitely diverse brands like the ones we have on offer, you’ll never get a half-hearted response again.


Whether you’re looking for a specific occasion. Simply just fancy treating the people you love most. Or in fact you’re looking to impress a new friend. Our range of unique gifts from the UK are sure to please.


So take a look around, browse our selection of handmade and carefully crafted gifts from Britain and be safe in the knowledge that you won’t find goods quite like them anywhere else…


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  • stamford notebooks vibrant buckram black notebook, black journal
    Stamford Notebook Co

    Vibrant Buckram Black Notebook

  • stamford notebooks apple green woven cloth notebook, green journal made in britain
    Stamford Notebook Co

    Apple Green Woven Cloth Notebook

  • Regimental sock collection , regimental sock collection from corgi socks, striped socks set made in wales men's army socks

    Regimental Sock Collection

  • unison colour classic 8 soft pastel set. artist soft pastel set, colour pastels handmade in northumbria
    Unison Colour

    8 Soft Pastel Set

  • Wentworth pewter English tan leather hip flask with tan leather surround 6oz hip flask silver hip flask, made in sheffield hip flask
    Wentworth Pewter

    Pewter and Tan Leather Hip Flask

  • wentworth pewter half pint pewter tankard, cocktail tankard small peter tankrd
    Wentworth Pewter

    Half Pint Pewter Tankard

  • st eval tomato and basil scented tin candle 1 e1613056030153
    St Eval Candles

    Tomato and Basil Tin Candle

  • nutscene recycled mill bobbin with twine and scissors green, jute twine and recycled mill bobbin

    Green Recycled Mill Bobbin with Twine and Scissors

  • kokomelt men's exfoliating cubes spa for men. vegan men's skincare, scrubs

    Men’s Exfoliating Cubes

  • Kent brushes cushioned hair brush, large cushioned hair brush
    Kent Brushes

    Large Cushioned Hair Brush

  • kent brushes ebony club hair brush, men's hair brush in ebony, men's styling hair brush
    Kent Brushes

    Ebony Club Hair Brush

  • kent brushes clothes brush cherry wood brush for clothes
    Kent Brushes

    Cherry Wood Clothes Brush

  • hoxton mini press hackney studios jenny lewis hoxton mini press photo book inside creative studios, workshops in london hoxton mini press cover
    Hoxton Mini Press

    Hackney Studios | Jenny Lewis

  • HAeckels bath gift set, traditonal seaweed bath, seaweed exfoliating block, seaweed body cleanser, seaweed bath salts, made in kent, seaweed skincare
    Haeckels of Margate

    Bath Gift Set

  • haeckels of margate seasonal gift set
    Haeckels of Margate

    Seasonal Gift Box

  • Fox umbrellas GT16 scorched whangee handmade black gentleman's umbrella, whangee crook umbrella
    Fox Umbrellas

    Scorched Whangee Umbrella

  • farmers scrub, lavender body scrub, smoothing body scrub with bamboo made in wales

    Farmers’ Scrub

  • farmers hand cream, lavender hand cream nourishing natural hand cream, made in wales skincare welsh lavender

    Farmers’ Hand Cream

  • debrett s a z of modern manners

    A-Z of Modern Manners

  • clarke original tinwhistle, tin whistle, black tin whistle, penny whistle, metal tin whistle
    Clarke Tinwhistles

    The Original Tin Whistle

  • Kingsman gloves main shot
    Chester Jefferies

    The Kingsman Gloves | Sunshine and Cape Red Leather

  • bedfordshire beard co tobacconist beard care set 1
    Bedfordshire Beard Co

    Tobacconist Beard Set

  • acme whistles nickel plated titanic whistle, titanic silver whistle, thunderer whistle, iconic whistle from ACME whistles
    Acme Whistles

    Nickel Plated Titanic Whistle

  • SGB gift card product shot
    Sir Gordon Bennett

    Gift voucher for her

  • SGB gift card product shot

    Sir Gordon Bennett

    Gift voucher for him

  • risdon risdon trade brown apron, heavy canvas brown apron with leather bottom durable apron risdon and risdon
    Risdon & Risdon

    Trade Brown Apron

  • risdon risdon original pink apron, canvas and leather pink apron risdon and risdon
    Risdon & Risdon

    Original Pink Apron


Special Gifts From British Craftsmanship Brands

We believe that more often than not, British made is best. Our mission is to bring together a selection of goods and unique gifts from artisan manufacturers all around the UK.

While we don’t work under the illusion that it is only Britain that makes exquisite products. We do believe that mainstream industries too easily overlook the skills and quality craftsmen and craftswomen working here in Britain.

Our selection of unique gifts highlight the joys of UK heritage, celebrating the natural resources and the talent of British manufacturers. From wearable accessories, natural beauty goods, home decor items to the slightly left-field gifts for friends from all around the UK. All of our British brands create something for almost every discerning taste.

But if you have someone specific in mind, why not take a look at our unique gifts for her, which bring together a selection of special gifts perfect for the women in your life. Or, see our selection of british gifts for him for unique gifts made in Britain that will tickle him pink.