Debrett’s books know manners maketh the man or woman.

It is oft said that no one does pomp, circumstance and ceremony like the British. It is ingrained in our psyche. The Queen dishes out MBEs, OBEs and CBEs in the New Year’s honours list like confetti at a summer ball. And no one treats manners both in public and in private like the British either. When it comes to manners and etiquette there is only one company that one can trust to get you through the minefield of social behaviour, Debrett’s.

Debrett’s has been at the forefront since 1769 on how to hold you knife and fork correctly or how to greet someone, no matter how far up the class rank they may be. Their handbooks are like a hardback Swiss finishing school. To cement their place at the top table of upper class life they have published their chronicle of Peerage and Baronetage for 250 years. The handbook of the British aristocracy.

John Debrett came from humble beginnings. Born in London to John Louys De Bret a French chef. At the age of 13 he took an apprenticeship at Robert Davis a Piccadilly bookseller and publisher. Learning his trade, he eventually moved to John Almon another bookseller and stationer. It was here that Debrett first got involved in the New Peerage. John Almon published three versions but in 1790 passed over the editorship to John Debrett, where in 1802 he put his own name to the publication. Calling the first two editions The Correct Peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Debrett’s is now though a thoroughly modern company that preaches social mobility through workshops, seminars, coaching and of course its Debrett’s books. From the A-Z of Modern manners to Netiquette, the definitive guide to digital dilemmas. If your are looking to become that little bit more refined? Then there is a Debrett’s book for you.

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