Luxury Men’s Underwear With British Wit

Dick Winters make quintessentially British luxury underwear, with a cheeky dash of humour.

The Dick Winters collections are all produced in factories in Scotland, therefore supporting the skilled British workforce. They’re a brand who is of the opinion that the British workforce is second to none, and they’re not wrong. All of their fabrics are woven in Britain as well. Because they believe in utilising the incredible skill on their doorstep rather than outsourcing materials and a workforce from anywhere else.

Men’s luxury underwear is often a forgotten part of the discerning man’s attire. But nothing adds a measure of confidence like luxury men’s underwear that fits perfectly. Claire Henderson and Emma Neilson launched the brand Dick Winters in 2013, out of frustration at how difficult it was to find luxury men’s underwear that was wholly British made. Not only this, but the perennial way that men’s underwear marketed themselves. With depictions of sculpted male models in every advertisement and on every box. They termed this ‘abs fatigue’.

Their ethos is simple; produce sustainable, ethical luxury men’s underwear that is not only manufactured in Britain by skilled craftsmen and women. But that which indulges in a cheeky dash of humour. So, the next time you fancy treating the man in your life with that perfect men’s underwear gift. Spoil them with the stylish, and a little cheeky, luxury men’s underwear from Dick Winters. Isn’t it about time you treated your old feller?

Each pair is meticulously crafted and effortless combines comfort, style and quintessentially British humour. Dick Winters proves that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously in order to produce high quality, luxury products that will not only stand the test of time. But introduce serious confidence into any wardrobe. The brand comes to life with wit and charm in a distinctly British way. Their collections have names that raise a wry smile. Dicks of Distinction includes Clever Dick, Lucky Dick, Sporty Dick, Rock Dick and for the more mature gentleman Old Dick.

While many brands actively seek out this seamless blend of style, luxury and humour. Dick Winters have landed upon a winning combination that we believe is difficult to reproduce. So whether you’re looking for a men’s underwear gift that will bring a wry smile to their face, or simply looking for a brand who wants to show luxury men’s underwear doesn’t rely on washboard abs to sell itself. Dick Winters is the brand for you.

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