Audacity Eau De Parfum 100ML



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Audacity Eau de Parfum from Plowden & Fallow is a confident potion and a tribute to those who are not only prepared to take a gamble, but relish it, laughing in the face of adversity. For here is an ode to modern day British entrepreneurial optimism, life is moving fast, fortunes are being made and lost, but let’s face it, the journey is where the thrill is at its most potent.


Brash and loud is not Audacity’s style; it is far more refined. This unisex fragrance oozes a level of confident subtle sophistication, with its aromatic, citrus qualities ascending from an oriental woody base. Audacity is quietly noticeable, daring and bold, but sees no need to shout about its merits; people take notice anyway.


Made in the UK

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