A Truly British Made Umbrella

When it is raining cats and dogs, you need a Fox Umbrella.

No one engineers a handmade umbrella like Fox Umbrellas. They have been making what some call the Rolls-Royce of umbrellas, since 1868. And when it comes to style, an exquisite designer men’s umbrella can make all the difference to an outfit. Be it a grey city suit or a sporty weekend outfit.

And the patronage of Fox Umbrellas cements just that. These stunning umbrellas have graced the hands of the most illustrious of figures. To name drop a few; John F Kennedy commissioned some for family members. John Steed from The Avengers always carried a Malacca Fox Umbrella to defend the realm from its enemies. The British and Japanese Royal Family both use Fox umbrellas. And more recently to aid authenticity they can be seen on screen in the pop-culture hit Peaky Blinders.

The humble brolly may be seen as only designed to keep the rain off your head. But in fact when you buy a Fox, you are buying sartorial elegance. A British made umbrella that perfectly captures years of craftsmanship. And a little bit of British history all folded up in that perfectly engineered form. When we think ‘designer men’s umbrella’, it’s Fox that comes to mind…

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