26cm Copper Induction Sauté Pan with Lid & Side Handles



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The Samuel Groves 26cm copper induction sauté pan with lid & side handles is perfect for cooking a wide variety of foods. The Copper induction sauté pan combines the exceptional heat distribution and retention of copper with the durability of stainless steel. The result is an incredibly efficient cooking tool that can handle any task you throw at it.


The copper induction cookware range is comprised of 4 layers: The core aluminium and stainless steel layer distribute heat quickly and evenly throughout the cookware, preventing hotpots and sticking during cooking. The stainless steel interior makes the pan easy to use and clean, and the external layer of copper gives the pan a unique, stunning appearance. Our copper induction cookware is finished off with a stainless steel base, making it suitable for all cooking hobs, including induction.


Copper is the best heat conductor among all materials used in cookware production. Copper allows the cookware to reach high temperatures quickly, and cool down as soon as it is removed from the heat source - giving you maximum control when cooking. The heat spreads out evenly throughout the cookware, without hot spots, preventing food from sticking during cooking. The cookware's interior is lined in stainless steel, meaning it is non-reactive to acids and alkalines, and is safe to use and easy to clean.


Works on all kitchen hob tops including induction.


Samuel Groves have been crafting kitchenware in Birmingham since 1817


Height: 11cm | Length (inc. handles): 36cm | Height (inc. handles and/or lid): 12cm | Cooking surface: 25cm | Weight: 2.44 Kg | Diameter: 26cm | Suitable Hobs: Gas, ceramic, electric & induction | Oven 250c, 482F, gas mark 9 | Dishwasher: No | Lifetime Guarantee


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