Nickel Plated Harking Horn


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The harking horn plays a large part in British history. An oft forgotten 'instrument'. They were originally designed as part of the 'boatman's kit'. A tool to help warn other working boats, both inland and seagoing boats. The harking horn is loud and raspy and certainly grabs the attention of those not looking where they are going. The name "harking' come from the older phrase 'Hark ye now'. The ACME nickel plated harking horns are Safety of Life at Sea approved due to their wonderful and clear sound. They also became hugely popular for railway workers, working on laying the massive British railway network. Nowadays they can obviously still be used on boats but they can be wonderful for those who like to explore the countryside as a survival aid. As they are only 6" long they will fit into any backpack.


Made in Birmingham

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Weight50 g
Dimensions18 × 3.2 × 3.1 cm

Solid brass. Nickel plated.


Made in Birmingham


West Midlands


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