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Chronicling British brands with passion, purpose and craft.

Chris and Rob the co-founders of the ‘With Love Project’ set out with a one mission in mind, to find out why the craftsman and women across Britain do what they do. They travelled the breadth and width of this green and pleasant land to discuss this topic. They wanted to know why so many people find love in the things they make, harvest or create. The brands and makers share a common philosophy, if you don’t love what you do, then why are you doing it?

Their journey of discovery was as much about their love as it is about the artisans that create. Chris is a graphic designer and art director and Rob is a photographer. Both have a serious passion about makers, manufacturers and producers. Their design and content agency work primarily with brands that truly care about what they do and make.

The With Love Project isn’t just about the beautiful books that they have produced. It is more of a movement to celebrate the great and the good. To applaud those that have one goal. To make products that resonate with the soul. Have heritage in their DNA and traditional skills at their heart. They have also created a book on British artisan food manufacturers. Aptly entitled For the Love of Food. A gastronomic journey around Britain.

Our own vision is not too dissimilar to the with love project and we hope that you enjoy their craftsmanship books as much as we at Sir Gordon Bennett do.

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