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Kokomelt create luxury organic skincare and ointments developed through a personal story.

Kokomelt is an organic skincare brand that came into existence to solve a problem. One that many people face around the world and one that Deborah Spink found other products just weren’t solving. Deborah was a bodybuilder and would therefore spend hours in the gym lifting weights and generally achieving feats that for some of us are mind boggling. However, Deborah suffered from eczema. Which is an incredibly common skin condition and one that sometimes can be difficult to manage without the right organic skincare. She found this was exacerbated after her workouts. And she was frustrated at the lack of natural skincare products around that seemed to be helping.

So, Kokomelt came into being after Deborah had spent months testing numerous different products to no avail. She eventually hit upon a winning combination of the plant and seed based oils and butters, which began to ease her skin complaints. And now, Kokomelt creates luxury organic skincare to soothe all sorts of skin types with its natural vegan goodness. Because Kokomelt uses pure plant and seed oils and butters, all utterly natural, this avoids the need to add the parabens and emulsifiers. Which are normally added into many ‘organic skin care’ products to get the nutrient oils to blend. Which, ironically, can dry out the skin.

So, Kokomelt decided to break the mould by centering their brand around creating ethical luxury organic skin care products that really work. As a brand they are proud of their certification from the Vegan Society. They won’t sell their products in any country that requires by law the testing of cosmetics on animals. Plus, Kokomelt are also a natural skincare brand that actively participate in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. With many new products under development. And their eye on the widening horizon of vegan skincare. Kokomelt are a true believer in working with British manufacturers to create a sustainable British cosmetics industry.

Of course, their luxury natural skincare products don’t require you to be a bodybuilder like Deborah to find value in them. Kokomelt products are suited to all skin types, from all walks of life. But it’s a testament to their quality that Kokomelt’s vegan skincare ranges can deal with tough, intensive workouts.

So whether your skin is in need of a little TLC? Or you’re frustrated by coming across other natural skincare products that just aren’t doing the trick. You’ve found what you’re looking for. From gorgeously exfoliating Himalayan pink salt scrub cubes. To an argan hand and body butter that melts like gold. Kokomelt is here to soothe the problems away.

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