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Organic and natural hand blended beard care, ingrained with the great outdoors.

The Bedfordshire Beard Care Co. specialise in artisan, hand-poured grooming products. Carefully selected organic oils, butters and waxes which are masterfully combined to create that perfect texture. The right beard care kit is essential because after all, you want to own a beard, not the other way around.

That smell of the forest, a hint of pine, an axe in full swing and a full beard squarely sitting on your square jar. To many the beard has come to represent all that is ‘hipster’. But the Bedfordshire Beard Co don’t subscribe to that philosophy, it is just a definition of who they are. And the right beard care kit can take your beard from something you have, to something you own. Nevertheless, beards are undoubtedly adored nowadays by everyone. From fashion catwalks to your local high street. The beard has officially taken over. But a beard must be well-groomed and feel good to the touch to be properly appreciated. This is where the perfect beard care gift set comes in. Carefully maintaining a beard takes it from just facial hair to a statement – a properly groomed beard speaks of self-care, high esteem and professionalism.

When Tom Dowie, a professional mountain-bike racer, first began to grow his beard, he realised that there wasn’t an organic natural beard care kit with beard grooming oil or balms that kept his beard feeling – and looking – magnificent. So, Tom began to experiment in-house to create the perfect beard care kit. Carefully blending organic oils with extracts of almond, grape seed, hemp, juniper and apricot. Friends then began asking him to make some for them and his business grew from humble beginnings in 2014. The result is The Bedfordshire Beard Co. A collection of oils and balms. That not only condition the beard but nourish and moisturise the skin underneath.

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For organic and natural hand-blended grooming, look no further than the Bedfordshire Beard Co. and their luxury beard care kit, for all skin types.

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