Modern heritage gifts for her - Christmas Gifts for Her

Modern Heritage Christmas gifts for her

Life's too short to let ugly, badly made products that won't last Christmas let alone a lifetime.  That is why we have specially curated a selection of British made Christmas gifts for her that not only look good but are made better and last longer. Products that actually enhance life not frustrate it. Products that have stories behind them from smaller, lesser known but, infinitely better brands. Simply the best British made Christmas gifts for women.

British MADE

Lavish some love on the Lady in your life, shower them with gifts of Gold. Well, sprinkle them with Luxury Gold Sugar Scrub Cubes. These luxury hand scrubs are topped with 23ct Gold Leaf, infused with essential oils and are also soap free. Goldfinger will have nothing on her, nor will Midas this Christmas.

As you sit around the fire on the Christmas morning what a fine surprise she would have, when you gift her a beautiful Tolly McRae 100% wool blanket. Made from the finest Yorkshire yarn. The joy of a Tolly McRae blanket is that she can use one throughout the seasons, with its leather strap handle made in Walsall it is also perfect for summer picnics as well as cozy nights next to the fire this Christmas.

Banton Frame Works are dedicated to making the finest of sunglasses. Made from some of the best Italian acetate and handcrafted on the shore of Loch Banton just outside of Glasgow, they are on a mission to revive the spectacle industry in Britain. Timeless in style yet with modern flair, the Profile range show how boring RayBans are. And it will soon be Spring and she'll appreciate your foresight. As they say the future's bright.

Perfectly weighted and a true delight to use, AJOTO create modern writing instruments that are both modern in design but hark back to the days of true craftsmanship. Each pen is made from a single piece of high grade aluminium plated in 18ct Gold, then finished by hand. They are uncoated so they patina over time to become truly your pen of distinction. A Christmas present for someone who still loves to write. 

Handcrafted in Shropshire by a Carla Risdon and her two sons. Risdon&Risdon aprons have adorned such luminaries as Mary Berry and the Masterchef finalists. They are made from some of the world's most sustainable cotton and are splendid Christmas gifts for cooks, gardeners, artists and craftsmen alike. Hardwearing and stylish with a lifetime guarantee. She'll look pretty in pink this Christmas.

Whether she is a bit of a history buff, a sportswoman or sailor this fully working silver necklace will become a real a real talking point at a Christmas party. They are exact, fully working miniature replicas of the fateful Titanic First Mate's Whistle. Made in Birmingham by ACME and stamped at the Birmingham assay office. Jewellery never fails to impress. 

Handcrafted by master leather workers in Cambridgeshire. These unique Aegean Blue 12.5" satchels don't leave the Original Satchel Store workshop until they are absolutely perfect. Over time the beautiful leather will soften to create a timeless satchel that will last her a lifetime. 

Handcrafted in Wiltshire Dents have been making some of the world's finest gloves since 1777 and the Balmoral are no exception, made from the finest hand-cut Hairskin leather and backed with tartan wool. The lining that adds warmth and comfort is made of the finest 3 ply Scottish cashmere. Timeless and classic, she'll love the Balmoral and they will last for years to come

If the lady in your life is into making stuff then she will love this book this Christmas telling the stories of some of the finest makers and artisans from East London. Full of amazing stories that inspire about keeping heritage crafts alive. 

Handmade in a National Park in Northumbria the traditionally way, these soft pastels will ignite her desire to create the Christmas. They are good for both amateurs and professionals alike due to them being highly blendable. They are so good every one will want a go after the presents have been open.