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Unique Christmas Gifts for Him

We’re firm believers in the philosophy that life is too short to gift the people you love anything that is not exquisite. It’s too short for badly made products that won’t see the other side of Christmas, let alone last a lifetime. Which is why we’ve put together a list of unique Christmas gifts for him that not only look good but are made far better than your average high-street gifting store and built to last longer.

These are Christmas gifts for him that will actually enhance his life, rather than frustrate it. Products that have stories behind them, from smaller, lesser known, but infinitely better brands.

Besides, Christmas is about doting on those we love. And what better way to say it than with any of these products, truly unique christmas gifts for him? We might be biased, but we guarantee he’ll love whatever you choose...

Spoil Your Man With These Christmas Gifts For Him

Whether you’re looking for the perfect hipflask from which he can enjoy that delicious festive tipple? A luxurious beard care set that will make him feel fresh for the new year? Or simply a pair of the most comfortable socks he can imagine, our specially curated list of unique christmas gifts for men will hit the spot.

British MADE


Corgi Hosiery have been making socks in Wales since 1892 and have a Royal Warrant from HRH Prince of Wales. Their lightweight woollen socks are sumptious to wear, offering real comfort yet letting feet breathe. And with a pair of socks for everyday of the week don't you think his sock draw could do with a pep up this Chrsitmas?


A gift for the gentleman who likes to look after his appearance. There are probably no finer brushes made in the world than those made at the Kent Brushes workshop in Hertfordshire. The ebony club hair brush is created from a single block of ebony by master craftsmen using traditional techniques, with each bristle woven in individually to create a coiffuring masterpiece.



Banton Frame Works are dedicated to making the finest of sunglasses. Made from some of the best Italian acetate and handcrafted on the shore of Loch Banton just outside of Glasgow, they are on a mission to revive the spectacle industry in Britain. Timeless in style yet with modern flair, the Profile range show how boring RayBans are. He'll be thankful of this thoughtful gift when the sun starts to shine in spring.


The art of writing is dead they say…bring yours back to life with the AJOTO Raw Brushed Brass pen. It will over time become as unique as your own handwriting. Machined from a precisely machined solid of bar of brass. The retractable two-part mechanism luxury rollerball pen is as simple as it is beautiful. All finished and brushed lovingly by hand, how apt to bring the art of handwriting back. AJOTO is a British made luxury pen brand that could be said to be the best luxury rollerball pen you can buy and a pen for life. He'll think all of his Christmasses have come at once.


Handcrafted in Shropshire by a Carla Risdon and her two sons. Risdon&Risdon aprons have adorned such luminaries as Jamie Oliver and the Masterchef finalists. They are made from some of the world's most sustainable cotton and are splendid Christmas gift for cooks, gardeners, artists and craftsmen alike. Hardwearing and stylish with a lifetime guarantee. 


Whether you are a bit of a history buff or a sportsman these fully working silver cufflinks take make a unique and wonderful gift. They are exact, fully working miniature replicas of the fateful Titanic First Mate's Whistle and also the whistle that was used in the 1966 World Cup Final. Made in Birmingham by ACME and stamped at the assay office. 


Handcrafted by master leather workers in Cambridgeshire. These unique British Racing Green 12.5" and 14" satchels don't leave the Original Satchel Store workshop until they are absolutely perfect. Over time the beautiful leather will soften to create a timeless satchel that will last you a lifetime. A gift that keeps on giving.


Handcrafted in Wiltshire Dents have been making some of the world's finest gloves since 1777 and Muncaster are no exception, made from the finest hand-cut Hairskin leather and backed with the famous Abraham Moon Yorkshire Tweed. The lining that adds warmth and comfort is made of the finest 3 ply Scottish cashmere. They are as dashing as they are practical and he'll be overjoyed on that Christmas day walk.


Probably the world's most famous pewter manufacturer. Wentworth Pewter hip flasks are Christmas gift for any gentleman worth his salt. Perfect for a day at the races, a ambling ramble or fly fishing in the lakes. Hand finished in Sheffield with a Hereford leather wrap to add a touch of class. Buy a bottle of his favourite tipple and it makes a wonderful Christmas gift.


The British weather is a temperamental mistress, that is probably why the British make the world's finest umbrellas and nothing says a 'man of class' than a Stout Malacca umbrella. Made by Fox Umbrellas (who are known as the Rolls-Royce of umbrellas) the GS6 is the real deal. Made on a wooden shaft and on a 25" Fox frame and treated well should last longer that a lifetime. It comes in a large Toblerone shaped box, he'll never guess what is inside once wrapped..


The Kodiak Tan Leather Roll Top Backpack, Designed for daily use and great fro taking on walks across hill or vale or simply a commuter bag. Made from durable Kodiak leather which is soft and durable. A stylish item that really makes a statement. The handcrafted handles are crafted from veg tan leather handles and it comes with an antique brass magnetic faster. Kodiak leather has a pronounced grain that has the occasional imperfection and scar that adds individuality to each and every one.


Bring glamour and style to Boxing Day in bed or add some panache to New Year cocktails in the garden. Using a Kaymet Mahogany S18 Tray will do all this and more. Handcrafted in South London from high grade anodised aluminium and a faux Mahogany surface with a gold outer frame. Which that adds that luxurious touch. The design has been in continuous production since the 1950's and has been used by stars of the silver screen and the Royal Family. And why Kaymet Trays have been awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant. The Mahogany S18 Tray is the perfect size too, measuring up at 46cm x 30cm.


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Still Looking For Unusual Christmas Gifts For Him?

We pride ourselves on bringing together exquisitely crafted British made products that are not just splendid for Christmas.

We believe that a gift should be special no matter the occasion. Our range of British made gifts for men bring together the cool and the quirky, the handcrafted and the timeless for Christmas presents for him that will bring him a smile all year round.

Our ethos is that if something is “if it was good enough then, it’s better now”, and this is something that applies to many of the brands that we choose to celebrate. Many of whom still use traditional handcrafting techniques when creating each of their wonderful products. In a world of immediacy, we believe there’s nothing finer than taking a moment and appreciating the craft of a product that just works. And works beautifully.

So why not introduce a little calm into his life? Explore some of the best and most unique Christmas gifts for men, or explore our range of beautifully British made products for that perfect gift which will make his eyes light up like a christmas tree …