Stuff Sir Gordon Loves PART 5

British Culture, Design & Craftsmanship

We are giving Gordon'sBUGLE over to other stuff we love from around Britain. From people that are making amazing things, to brands that are keeping traditions alive to artists that have some kind of British cultural significance. An alturistic promotion of stuff we don't purvey just stuff we love. Click the images to have a butchers for yourself.


In this edition we're looking at ways you can explore and experience traditional skills and artists across Britain.



Whenever there is a new Banksy the British media go wild for it, sheets of plastic are put up to protect it and the wall owner makes a fortune. But ATM is the antithesis of all that hype. ATM the artist has been quietly spreading his own form of street art across Britain. Painting murals of endangered British wildlife in urban areas to highlight the plight of many species. They really should have more media time. 


If you'd like to see how some more traditional British goods are made then you should visit the Beamish Heritage Museum.  Demonstrations of basket weaving, spoon carving, hand spinning and many other traditional heritage skills at various events for adults and children throughout the year such as their summer of fun in 2022.


As Coventry was the City of Culture 2021 there have been many transformations of the centre. One is by Morag Myerscough, illuminating the city centre shopping, which to be honest was a rather drab concrete behemoth.  This creative installation should bring some sunshine and colour to it. 


We all know that Stoke on Trent is the home of British pottery with so many great ceramicists and pottery brands have come from the area. The British Ceramic Biennial is designed to showcase the very best of British ceramics both modern and traditional. With tours, exhibitions and events across the city, now taking bookings for September 2023.