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What could be more British than an umbrella. It is no wonder that Britain manufactures some of the finest umbrellas in the world. After all, the perennial joke from almost all foreigners is that it is always raining on these shores. The Germans even call it ‘Englischer Wetter’ when it is drizzling in Germany. And being rightly proud of our fine traditions of umbrella manufacturing, we have curated a collection of British made umbrellas. All handcrafted to create umbrellas of distinction whatever your budget. From entry level hand made umbrellas to solid stick umbrellas that are quite possibly the best in the world. They are all designed so that they won’t turn inside out at the slightest gust like a cheap one does.

British made umbrellas are the go to for those that not only want an umbrella that will last a lifetime but also a stylish accessory. Nothing quite sets off an outfit like a well made umbrella. The umbrellas that we purvey have been supplied to some of the world’s most famous. From the Royal Family and JFK to stars of screen and stage. Including supplying Peaky Blinders and Mary Poppins with the on screen umbrellas to create an historically correct look.

Each one is handcrafted to perfection by master craftsmen and women. Making sure each British made umbrella is fit for purpose. The woods that they use are of the finest quality. Whether that be Choice Stout Malacca, Scorched Whangee or solid stick English Oak. With the inner wire working being assembled with care and attention you only get from skilled workers. Each and every one is double check at the manufacturer to make sure that they are perfect when they leave the workshop. They could indeed turn into heirloom pieces. Handed down through the generations. Guaranteeing you and possibly future generation are kept dry, especially during our famous British weather.

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British Made Umbrellas

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