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Luxury Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers

Charles Farris have been crafting candles since 1845. Founded in Bishopsgate in London as maker of church candles, which they still make to this day supplying churches all over the world. This includes St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. In over 175 years of candle making they have perfected the art. Still utilising traditional techniques that date back to medieval times they craft classic candles. In recent years they have begun to make luxury scented candles that are designed and manufactured in their workshop in Wiltshire.

Each scented candle or reed diffuser from Charles Farris is contained in artisan, hand finished glass. Whilst the scents that go into the beeswax candles are of the highest quality, blended by master noses to give a scent that is not only of superior quality but also last longer.

Charles Farris is a proud Royal Warrant holder to the Queen and is well known for its fine craftsmanship and contemporary designs. They pride themselves at being at the forefront of candle making when it comes to candle design. Without losing their heritage they create modern scented candles and reed diffusers. Utilising the skills of generations of British craftsmen and women. Slow-burning, long lasting and beautiful aesthetics make Charles Farris ‘THE’ luxury candle maker. A historic and classic British brand that makes a wonderful addition to any room in the house.

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Charles Farris

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