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Kaymet’s iconic and beautiful anodised decorative serving trays are made in London and grace the world’s finest kitchens.

Kayment have been crafting exquisite decorative serving trays since 1947. When the brand A Kahn changed its name to Kaymet. The ‘K’ of Kaymet comes from Kahn, and ‘met’ from the metal that is used in each of their unique serving trays.

Originally a producer of aluminium radio and radar components, A Kahn began creating a ‘range of anodised aluminium fancy goods’ as a domestic goods brand. Which they introduced when the 1947 British Industries Fair came around. This consisted of fruit bowls, vases and of course their aluminium trays which they are now renowned for. During the 1948 British Industries Fair their carefully crafted aluminium trays caught the eye of both Queen Mary and HRH The Princess Royal. Who both bought items from their stand. Including a fruit bowl and one of their decorative serving trays.

Now, Kaymet are proud to manufacture each of their aluminium trays in London – and have done so since their inception. Each Kaymet tray is crafted with skill and forged with an attention to detail that make these one of a kind decorative trays. Each aluminium tray brings a touch of class to any home. Kaymet has been based in London since their inception. And this pride is clearly visible in each of the decorative serving trays that have been gracing the finest homes for many years. In the early 1950s, the classic now well-loved cast aluminium trays began to be produced alongside a range of household trolleys. Slowly, the range expanded into a dynamic range of high-lustre coloured decorative serving trays. Which add a burst of life to any setting.

In 1952 Kaymet trays were supplied to the SS Gothic when it was refitted at Cammell Laird shipyard as the Royal Yacht. Subsequently the trays were used on the Coronation world tour of Queen Elizabeth in 1954. Which earned Kaymet a place amongst the prestigious brands that have been admired by the Royal Family. Finally in 2018 Kaymet was appointed the Royal Warrant to the Queen.

Now based in Old Kent Road, Peckham. Kaymet have been based in many of the different suburbs of London. Moving from Elephant and Castle to Camberwell, Deptford, South Bermondsey. They firmly believe that London flows through the brands veins. And are proud to utilise the city’s atmosphere, manufacturers and craftsmen and craftswomen. Each of their decorative serving trays is a work of art. Adding a note of luxury to even the day to day routine of having a cup of tea. Or breakfast in bed. If you’re going to enjoy life’s little pleasures, why not serve them on one of the finest aluminium trays around?

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