KONK Furniture

Handcrafted Contemporary Furniture made in Bristol

Konk make beautiful, handcrafted furniture in their Bristol workshop. Each piece is finished to perfection by highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Using traditional skills with the odd help of modern technology.

Their ethos is to make furniture that will last you a lifetime with materials that only come from sustainable sources. Give back more than you take is their mantra and work with One Tree Planted to make sure that the wood they use for their beautiful furniture is replenished with another tree planted. All of their furniture is made for life – it’s solid, hardwearing and ages with character. And over time are destined to be classics that you will hand down through the generations.

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Konk Furniture

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  • Konk Furniture

    Yackt 2.0 Walnut Desk

  • Konk Furniture

    Stal Table in Oak

  • british made oak dinning table konk furniture
    Konk Furniture

    Signature Dining Table in Oak

  • large kitch dinning room table made in Uk walnut
    Konk Furniture

    Signature Dining Table in Walnut

  • konk kitchen table made in UK Oak large kitchen table 4 seater or 6 seater table
    Konk Furniture

    Refectory Table in Walnut

  • Konk Furniture

    Refectory Bench in Walnut

  • small table handmade in UK out of OAk
    Konk Furniture

    Pakt Table

  • Konk pakt chair handmade in UK oak dinning room chair
    Konk Furniture

    Pakt Chair

  • small spaced dinning room table and chairs made in Uk from Oak
    Konk Furniture

    Pakt Dining Set

  • Konk Furniture

    Sitta Curved Bench

  • handcrafted 3 drawer home desk made in UK from Oak
    Konk Furniture

    Yackt Three Drawer Desk in Oak

  • handmade walnut desk made in Uk
    Konk Furniture

    Yackt Three Drawer in Walnut

  • handcrafted British made desk made from american walnutshot in a georgian ballroom
    Konk Furniture

    Tälja Desk

  • Handmade easel with mirror made in Uk furniture
    Konk Furniture

    Namju Easel Mirror