Traditionally handcrafted silverware made in Sheffield since 1898

Legacy Silverware has a long and distinguished past and take great pride in the future of British manufacturing. Originally formed in 1898 by two brothers Albert and Joseph Yates – and the original JY (Joseph Yates) assay mark can be traced back to this date. They still craft all of their silverwar and cutlery in Sheffiled the birthplace of the steel industry.

Originally crafting silver Caps and Ferrules, which are the fasteners between the mother of pearl and the metal of the cutlery. Pearl Fish eaters (cutlery with mother of pearl handles) that were popular at the time at the turn of the century. And they made a name for themselves as making some of the finest. But they soon moved into making whole knives for the Sheffield Cutlery Industry. It was in 1947 when William Beatson – the grandfather of our the MD – joined and brought with him a wealth of Manufacturing knowledge. Three years later William’s son Alan joined the company as a 15 year old before heading off to do his national service. In 1961, following the death of William Beatson, his son Alan joined Albert Yates and they moved the factory to where it still is today, on Trinity St, Sheffield. The next generation of Beatson’s Jonathan, Jo, Lucas, Amelie and Barnaby have set up Legacy Silverware to continue the family business and keep one of the last working Sheffield cutlery factories alive.

Legacy Silverware have been at the forefront of silver design and production ever since. Being the go to name for special commisions. They not only designed but manufactured Concrode’s cutlery. Also the fateful Titanic cutlery. They have also worked with many of the world’s Royal household to create special cutlery for royal occasions.

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