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Britain through the lens of unique photographers.

They say that the British have an inbuilt eccentricity, we see the world slightly different to everyone else. We see beauty in the strange and revel in the often missed or obscure. It is these little oddities that the photographers that RRB Photobooks delight in. They are a view of Britain that can be under represented by the mainstream publishing houses.

Rudi Thoemmes founded RRB Photobooks in Bristol a few years ago. He began as a purveyor of rare and interesting photobooks. Although always felt that there was a place for another publishing house. One that specialised in British documentary photographers and British culture who had a unique take on this green and pleasant land.

Take Peter Mitchell, who whilst working as a truck driver documented Leeds for over 40 years. His photos show how life was and is never as simple as it should be. From the hardship of life to the crumbling buildings. He documents the real world, which to many has become a dystopian one. Or Niall Mcdiarmid, who travelled for 7 years the length and breadth of Britain photographing the towns and people of Britain. In a world of homogenised high streets and coffee shops he set out to show that true characters still dwell in our town and cities. And of course Martin Parr one of Britain’s most celebrated documentary photographers. Martin Parr whose intimate, wonderfully humorous and often garish photo style is unique. He unveils a world that we know all too well but often shy away from or even deny.

RRB Photobooks are determined to open your eyes and see British culture through a lens that is often unforgiving but once seen, if full of charm, wit and without doubt Britishness.

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    RRB Photobooks

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