The Finest Irish Linen Tea Towels

Doing the dishes has never been such a pleasure with the finest tea towels from Thomas Ferguson.

Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen has been supplying the world with some of the finest Irish linen tea towels known to man, since 1845. Thomas Ferguson was a handloom weaver of distinction. Who learnt his trade from Bryce Smyth. Who was, despite his skills, blind since catching smallpox as a child. Thomas Ferguson eventually set up his own business in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. And thus, one of the finest luxury tea towel brands was born. Over 160 years later the company is still a leader in Irish Linen tea towels. And are widely regarded as the finest luxury tea towels around. So whether you’re looking for vintage tea towels that are crafted with excellence in mind? Or a tea towel gift set for that special someone? Look no further that Thomas Ferguson.

Irish Linen is woven from flax fibre and is generally noted for being the best money can buy. It can only be called Irish Linen when it is certified as genuine by the Irish Linen Guild. Which stipulates that it must be woven in Ireland. This linen is soft and fine with a natural lustre, that under normal use should last a lifetime. This is what makes the Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen tea towels something truly special. Not just that the quality is second to none. But that these will be in the family, passed down from generation to generation. They will be the vintage tea towels that your children love.

From their very beginnings the company has established itself as a leader and master of its craft. Thomas Ferguson formed a partnership with his two brothers-in-law in 1866 and created the company Dickinson, Ferguson & Co. In 1883 the two brothers retired and Thomas Ferguson renamed the company Thomas Ferguson & Co. And they’ve been crafting gorgeous luxury tea towels ever since.

Their heritage striped tea towels are timeless. These designs come in green, red, blue black or grey and add a touch of class to any kitchen. Whilst making the chore of drying up a little more enjoyable. Linen manufacturing is a time honoured tradition in Northern Ireland. So much so that Belfast was once even called ‘Linenopolis’. And Thomas Ferguson rely on all of their knowledge, heritage and skill to create luxury, vintage tea towels that stand the test of time. Time after time.

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