The Perfect Musical Saw

The whirr of British manufacturing is music to our ears with a musical saw.

When you are the last traditional musical saw manufacturer left in Britain. There’s a certain responsibility that comes with that. You need to fly the flag with pride and Thomas Flinn & Co certainly do so. Founded in 1923 in Sheffield by Thomas Flinn, the company was bought out in 1936 by Frank Ellis. Frank began his career as an apprentice at the age of 14 with Thomas Flinn. Making him only 26 when he managed to make enough money to buy the company. This was done through industrious hard work and late nights sharpening saws on the side.

Each musical saw made by Thomas Flinn & Co is beautifully made traditional saws. They are identical to their working saw but haven’t had their teeth sharpened. And also have about 4 inches of teeth taken off at the end to stop them from snagging or damaging clothes. Thomas Flinn & Co. have kept the tradition of saw making alive. And they craft each exquisite musical saw right here in Britain. They have acquired other traditional saw manufacturers. Namely PAX, William Graves and Lynx. And are truly are company on a mission to keep alive a traditional industry in Britain. Even though they have stiff competition from abroad.

They’re firm believers in the ethos that something done right can’t be beaten, which shines through in each perfectly made musical saw that leaves their hands. Handmade, and a totally unique item sure to conjure smiles from everyone who sees it, Thomas Flinn & Co. are not just making musical saws, they’re keeping something beautiful about British history alive. And that goes a long way. Whether you’re a musician looking for something a little quirky, a lover of tradition, or simply want to treat someone special to an item loaded with cultural history, then look no further than a traditional musical saw from Thomas Flinn & Co.

Although here at Sir Gordon Bennett we don’t stock their working saws we would urge you, if you are in the market for a saw to visit them for a saw without equal, made in the traditional way.

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