Beautiful Wool Picnic Blankets

A cold jug of Pimms, triangle cut cucumber sandwiches and a Tolly McRae picnic blanket; the recipe for a perfect British summer’s day.

The philosophy of Tolly McRae is a simple one. ‘Lazy days and cozy nights’. They make wool picnic blankets and gorgeous woollen throws that are to die for. Soft to the touch. But also rugged enough for those days in the park or by a river. They are the indeed perfect accompaniment to any lazy day, or cozy night.

There is something so very British about going out to the countryside and just relaxing surrounded by those you love. Chilling on a summer’s day. Maybe it is because we don’t seem to get enough of them nowadays that we treasure them even more. What could make these days even better, you ask? A luxury picnic blanket that turns these enjoyable moments into gloriously comfortable ones. Did someone say Pimm’s o’clock? I’ll just get my Tolly McRae.

Tolly McRae was set up on the kitchen table, just on the borders of the Cotswolds. They are passionate about creating high quality wool picnic blankets and throws. And only use the finest materials to ensure you really get a picnic rug that stands the test of time. All of their blankets are 100% wool and are made in Ireland by a family owned mill, employing traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Their sumptuous yarns come from Yorkshire mills, while the beautiful leather carry straps – that make life so much easier – are all produced in a leather-works in the Midlands. They are designed to be elegant yet sturdy.

Tolly McRae craft wool picnic blankets and throws that are classic in every sense of the word, but above all they are pure luxury. They sit just as well in a Famous Five-esque country farmhouse as they do in a modern loft apartment. Or a quiet afternoon enjoying the sun with your loved ones by the banks of a river or in the back garden.

At the heart of Tolly McRae is the understanding that whatever you’re doing, it should be comfortable. Enjoyable. The moments where we slow down are usually those that fill us with joy. So they create picnic blankets and wool throws that perfectly encapsulate the pure pleasure we get when we take a moment, sit down, and spend time with the ones we love.

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