The Perfect Pewter Hip Flask

A nip, a dram, a swig, a sip, a sup or a quaff. They all taste better from a Wentworth Pewter hip flask.

Wentworth Pewter are true masters when it comes to the pewter ware. But this ‘white metal’ that is now the accepted standard for hip flasks and tankards has a long and misty history. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians used pewter to forge many of their artefacts. The Romans also used this material well over two-thousand years ago. Then it was known as ‘black metal’, and contained 70% tin and 30% lead.

And although now we’re a long way from using lead, the quality of this metal has remained the same. And it requires true skill to craft. Wentworth Pewter and their products have gained a global reputation for being impeccably manufactured and of the highest quality. The pewter hip flask crafted by Wentworth Pewter is one step up from your average. Their pewter hip flask with captive top is the perfect luxury for any special tipple. And the tankards add a touch of class to that delicious IPA.

If you’re looking for an exquisitely crafted hip flask gift or a tankard to enjoy that special tipple, Wentworth Pewter have you covered. So treat that special someone well and add a drop of the finest single malt or fill with a delicious craft IPA.

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