Sustainable and practical children’s wooden animal plates

The Wood Life Project started with an idea to help create a bettter future. A future that isn’t so reliant on plastic, especially single use plastic. And to go against the throw-away culture, something that Sir Gordon Bennett certainly endorses.

They began with wood. But responsibily felled. FSC Aprroved and Growth in Britain (GiB) certified. And began to design children’s homeware in their Norfolk rural studio. They chose wood for its anti-bactrial and anti-microbial properties. Designing children’s animal plates in their rural Norfolk studio they aim to make meal times not only more fun put also far more sustainable.

They are aiming to grow their children’s homeware range which is manily based around mealtimes as they belioeve that families should eat together as this is the time families bond. It is also a time when sustainability and ecological topics can be talked about by the whole fmaily.

The Wood Life Project use Britisah timber, mills and workshops to bring their children’s wooden plates to life. They even make sure all of their packaging is green and made in Britain. Mealtimes have never been so much fun.

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