British-Made Trunks & Boxer Shorts

The unmentionables of men’s trunks and boxers are truly mentionable when it comes to British made ones. Made from better quality materials that are designed to be more comfortable and supporting where a man’s needs it. We can attest to their comfort here at SGB and don’t wear anything else.

Shop British Made Trunks & Boxer Shorts

British Made Trunks & Boxer Shorts

Order British-Made Trunks & Boxer Shorts from Sir Gordon Bennett. We are the purveyor of British made goods and gifts with free delivery on orders over £20

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    Dick Winters

    Clever Dick Trunks

  • dick winters lucky dick british made men's underwear, lucky pants for men boxer trunks luxury underwear
    Dick Winters

    Lucky Dick Trunks

  • Dick winters old dick men's designer underwear, british made men's underwear boxer trunks
    Dick Winters

    Old Dick Trunks

  • dick winters men's luxury underwear dick winters rock dick trunks, boxer trunks made in Britian small black
    Dick Winters

    Rock Dick Trunks

  • dick winters sporty dick men's trunks, luxury designer men's boxer trunks British made
    Dick Winters

    Sporty Dick Trunks