British-Made Kitchen Knives

There is something primaeval about knives. The earliest human tool, they may have originally been flint but you get the gist. And here at Sir Gordon Bennett we understand and admire the skill that goes into making a beautifully balanced kitchen knife. Not a mass manufactured kitchen knife but a traditionally crafted kitchen knife that have been loving made to last a lifetime.

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British Made Kitchen Knives

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  • William Whiteley & Sons

    Chef Knife Collection

  • William Whiteley & Sons

    Chef’s Professional Damascus Knife Set

  • william Whiteley chefs cleaver knife, damascus cleaver knife, large kitchen knife made in sheffield knife
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Damascus Cleaver Knife

  • Legacy Silverware

    Cheese Knife

  • Legacy Silverware

    Concorde Gin and Tonic Knife

  • Legacy Silverware

    Pie Knife

  • gin and tonic knife legacy silverware
    Legacy Silverware

    Silver plate Gin & Tonic Knife

  • Legacy Silverware

    Sterling Silver Bakers Knife