British-Made Silverware

Silverware has a long rich history in the UK, especially in Sheffield the home of silverware. We have curated a collection of splendid silverware that make perfect utensils but also make wonderful gifts too. From Bakers Knives to Pie Knives you’ll find a a selection of British made silverware below all handcrafted by master silverworkers in Britain.

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British Made Silverware

Choose British-Made Silverware from Sir Gordon Bennett. We are the purveyor of British made goods and gifts with free delivery on orders over £20

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  • Legacy Silverware

    Cheese Knife

  • Legacy Silverware

    Concorde Gin and Tonic Knife

  • Legacy Silverware

    Pie Knife

  • gin and tonic knife legacy silverware
    Legacy Silverware

    Silver plate Gin & Tonic Knife

  • Legacy Silverware

    Sterling Silver Bakers Knife