British-Made Tea Towels

Tea towel are the unsung workhorse of the kitchen. They are in use everyday doing a myriad of tasks. The tea towels we purvey are all made from the finest linen which is not only durable to last longer, they also do their job better. The lint in linen cleans and dries far superior than other inferior cotton tea towels.

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British Made Tea Towels

Order British-Made Tea Towels from Sir Gordon Bennett. We are the purveyor of British made goods and gifts with free delivery on orders over £20

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  • thomas ferguson tea towel collection, 100% irish linen tea towel collection set of four differnt coloured tea towels made in britain
    Thomas Ferguson

    Tea Towel Collection

  • Thomas ferguson irsish loinen tea towel collection, tea towels in 5 colours, irish tea towels in a pack of 5
    Thomas Ferguson

    Quick Dryer Collection

  • Thomas Ferguson

    White Cotton Waiter Cloth