Orange London Brick Vase


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The famous London Brick, nothing is quite so ubiquitous. It is everywhere, yet rarely taken notice of, apart from by architecture buffs and builders. Stolen Form have reimagined the humble London Brick and re-appropriated it to become a sleek ceramic Orange London Brick Vase. Handcrafted in East London by a master ceramicist. A Stolen Form Orange London Brick Vase will surely become a talking point in any room.


Made in London.

Please note: These products are hand made and as such, the colours shown in the images are as close as we can achieve with modern photographic and publishing techniques. What you see on your screen may vary slightly due to calibrations.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 671 g
Dimensions 24 × 11.5 × 9.8 cm

Material: Ceramic Earthenware (Dishwasher Safe) Finish: Gloss



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