Trio of 15 ml fragrances – Egalitarian


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4160 Tuesdays create unique perfumes for life's adventurous souls with wit. There really is nothing run of the mill about their scents. But buying a new scent can be a little tricky. So 4160 Tuesdays have a created a trio of 15ml fragrance bottles. Each one very different from the other but every one simply divine. Made from the finest ingredients in West London 4160 Tuesdays are of a far superior quality than your typical perfumes houses.  When you walk into a room wearing 4160 Tuesdays you will certainly show your individuality with their trio of 15ml Egalitarian scents.


Meet Me On The Corner - A glorious citrus zest chypre with a heart of magnolia flowers


Eau My Soul - the sandalwood amber scent of a warm group hug


Wash Me In The Water - Lying on the grass and herbs by the side of a clear river


Note: For UK delivery only. These items can not be delivered to the EU or US.

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