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High Quality Handmade Artist Pastels

Put some Northumberland Unison colour into your life with their handmade artist pastels.

Having a creative outlet in your life, whatever shape it takes, is paramount to not only leading a less-stressful life. But it also brings a huge sense of self worth that many other activities and passion simply do not bring. Unison Colour understand that we are creative beings. And creativity sits at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. That’s why their handmade artist pastels are designed not only to be smooth, useable and vibrant. But to suit your needs whether you’re a seasoned artist looking for that new medium? Or simply a beginner exploring the worth of self expression. Unison Colour believe no matter who you are, you should enjoy your art.


In 1987, John Hersey took his newly created Unison Colour pastels to an art fair in London - and they were immediately loved by both artists and buyers. The soft, highly pigmented artist pastels were, and still are, wonderfully smooth. With a consistent texture so you don’t lose the flow of your work as you create. Now, they are known throughout the art world as probably the best soft pastels that you can buy.


Unison soft artist pastel sets are not like ‘regular’ mass manufactured artist pastels. Unison Colour was formed in the 1980’s when John Hersey became frustrated with the inconsistent, lacklustre quality of manufactured pastels. He began experimenting. And thus, Unison Colour was born.


The soft pastel sets can be vibrant or subtle. Blending on the paper just as seamlessly as with your mood. So you can create your own little masterpieces in the colours you feel suit it best. Each is a balanced blend of colour and texture - forget chalky marks, brittle pastels or inconsistent colour, Unison creates a smooth experience so you can enjoy the journey from idea to paper.


And whether you’ve used soft pastel sets before, or are just getting introduced to these little sticks of colour, Unison creates a quality of artist medium that is not surpassed by any other brand. Why accept anything less than the best, when it comes to creative self expression? These handmade artist pastels are still crafted in the coach house, set in the Northumberland National Park, in fact that’s where a quarter of a million are produced - and each with dedication and love. The colours of these quality pastels are inspired by the scenery of the fells, forests and rivers that surround Thorneyburn Rectory, nearby.


Unison soft pastels are full of Northern soul, for your creative soul.


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